These are troubled economic times and many people are feeling financial pressure from loss of employment, illness or divorce. Mortgage and credit situations become stressed and there’s not enough money to pay the bills. It can seem like there’s nowhere to turn, but there is.

At Fresh Start Connecticut we focus on finding solutions to these financial problems. Our legal experience with mortgages, debt relief, divorce and bankruptcy allow us to review your situation and explain your options and the effects on your life. Then you can choose the course that best suits you.

The most important thing is do not wait. Many of your options must be exercised quickly or they expire. The longer you wait to act the fewer choices you have. Call us for a free consultation today to discuss your situation and get a fresh start.


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Pursuant to Federal Law, we are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Solving problems with your home and your mortgage is the most critical issue. “Can our home be saved?”

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Sometimes the best solution is to file for personal bankruptcy. Is it right for you? Know your options to make the best choice.

Debt has traditionally meant restructuring or refinancing your debts. More and more borrowers are qualifying for some sort of relief.